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3d sexgames developed by thrixxx technology

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  3D SexVilla 2 Hentai 3D 2 Fetsih 3D 2 3D GayVilla 2
  3D Gogo 2 3D Lesbian 2 3D Slut Hentai 3D

Enter the Virtual Sexgame Review and enjoy the hottest virtual 3D Sex Games in the world – the amazing thrixxx technology offers you the most sophisticated real-time sex simulation games on the market! Visit hot 3D Sluts in their Sex Villa and satisfy their hunger for horny lust – many people say, the 3D Sexvilla 2 game with it´s fantastic animations and lifelike sex-action is the best 3D porn game ever. This game is so realistic, it´s actually like being there and having real sex! By, the way, 3D Sexvilla is the improved follow-up to the highly successful 3D Slut game, which you can get here, too. These great interactive porn games enable you live out all your deepest fantasies: You can choose between many different types of beautiful girls or you can create your own virtual dream-girl – there are nearly endless possibilities to customize body and clothing of your favorite 3D slut. In games like 3D Sexvilla 2 you can choose between a huge collection of interactive Soft- and Hardcore sex poses – for example, “normal” intercourse, riding, doggy style, anal sex, blowjobs, licking, footjobs, sex-toys etc. You direct and control all the action simply with your PC´s mouse and keyboard. Select from detailed virtual environments – have sex at places you always wanted to but never dared (for example at a beach, in the park or in a barn). The options are nearly endless and fans of fetish sex will be pleased that 3D Sexvilla 2 offers many fetish content, too: Play Fetish 3D and have interactive SM Sex in fetish locations and scenarios like the Dome of pain, the VIP fetish club, the hanging cage or the Gyno-Chair. Treat your personal Fetish 3D slut the way she likes it – lock her up in a cage, flog and whip her or play nasty bondage games. Fetish 3D offers you the best virtual fetish sex you can get – this game features all the fetish content of the famous 3D Sex Villa 2 game in one concentrated pack. If you prefer pure lesbian sex we recommend 3D Lesbian – enjoy hot girlish sex action with absolutely no limits. Friends of Hentai Sex Games will love interactive 3D porn games like Hentai 3D 2 or the more anime orientated Hentai 3D – these games offer you the ultimate 3D anime sex experience.

Another great sex simulation based on the thriXXX technology V2 is 3D Gay Villa 2 – the worlds first and exclusive virtual gay sex action game. In 3D Gayvilla 2 you can interact with horny guys in dirty man on man action.

3D Gogo is a little bit different – it´s a free winamp visualization plugin: Enjoy naked 3D Sluts with perfect bodies dancing to your favorite mp3 music! The new version called 3D Gogo 2 offers you many new options and features – there are more possibilities to customize their perfect 3D bodies and you can let them shake their tits to any music player. 3D Gogo 2 is an amazing dance simulation system of the newest generation.

Here at Virtual Sexgame Review you can find reviews of many great 3D Sex Games like 3D Sexvilla 2, Hentai 3D 2, 3D Slut, Hentai 3D 2 or 3D Gayvilla 2. And if you are interested in these games, you can download them immediately – play the hottest and most sophisticated virtual 3D Sex Games worldwide!

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3D Slut based on 3D Sexvilla 2

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The improved new version of 3D Slut (3D Luder) offers you the hottest cybersex ever! With 3D Sexvilla 2 you´ll get the best realtime 3D sex-simulation on the market – the amazing 3D Sexvilla is the follow up of the very successful 3D Slut game, loaded with many new features, options and enhanced graphics. In fact, 3D Sexvilla is nothing more than 3D Slut 2 – but now much better and more realistic than ever before.

To start, you have to choose your favorite 3D Slut – there are lots of different types of women available. You can customize their body structure any way you want to – for example, change size and shape of the girl´s tits, their hairstyles or even the look of their faces (use the new “Facemaker”). Undress the girls or dress them up – there are tons of clothing to choose from – for example, sexy underwear, lingerie, suspenders, schoolgirl uniforms, sexy nurse or fetish outfits.


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